FC Bolt-On Front Tube Frame and Lower Rad Support



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Do you like crashing? Do you love smashing into your friends car? Tired of all that pesky metal getting in the way of motor pulls and angle? Well we have a solution for you. We 3D scan the chassis with a Creaform 3D scanner, and CNC laser cut and bend the tubes with the highest quality and precision. To ensure high precision and quality all tube fronts are hand assembled and visually inspected by Rob “Chairslayer” Parsons.

The kit is fully modular and comes apart in 4 pieces. DS Tubes, PS Tubes, lower rad support, and Upper rad support. Tubing is 1″x.095″ ERW and the sheetmetal is a mix of 14ga and 11ga O&P steel.

The rad support and tube frame still maintains factory popup light bracket positioning and the factory hood latch can still be used by fabricating a bracket to hold it.. The kit comes fully CNC laser notched and CNC mandrel bent. We tack it together instead of fully welding it. We do this just in case you’d like to modify it to fit a bent or twisted chassis.

We stitch weld the lower rad support and use steel threaded inserts for all bolted connections. Metric fasteners are still used so you can retain the factory hardware during your installation.


Typical lead times are 2-4 weeks.

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