S14 Bolt-On Front Tube Frame and Lower Rad Support



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The S14 bolt-on front tube frame and slim lower rad support is finally ready. With the redesign of this product to accommodate simplicity and add an additional 1.25″ of room up front for a radiator, everyone running RB and JZ setups can finally look no further.

The kit is fully modular and comes apart in 4 pieces. DS Tubes, PS Tubes, lower rad support, and Upper rad support. Plus we include new headlight and hood latch brackets which are removable. Tubing is 1″x.095″ ERW and the sheetmetal is a mix of 14ga and 11ga P&O steel.

The S14 bolt-on front tube frame and lower rad support maintains the factory light bracket and hood latch position. The kit comes fully CNC laser notched and CNC mandrel bent. We fully weld it in a precision fixture to maintain accuracy. All CAD design has been done using state of the art 3D scanning to ensure a perfect fit to your existing Sheet Metal.

We stitch weld the lower rad support and use steel threaded inserts for all bolted connections. Metric fasteners are used so you can still retain the factory hardware during your installation.


Typical lead times are 2-4 weeks.

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